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how you been – a poem

i’m not the type that comes fully prepared
but i’m sure you remember that
words will inevitably be at the bottom of my purse
& i’ll have to jingle change around in search
of the right thing to say
when we run into each other at the corner
of awkward and regret
i’ll be surprised that i can barely recognize your neck
or your ear lobes
or your squint in the sun
& every other stretch of skin i’ve ran across with careful tongue
even the syllables of your name
will feel too loose around my mouth
& i don’t doubt that you’ll notice the difference
the occupied space
that i unintentionally will display
while my left hand sweeps my bangs from across my face
you’ll be forced to walk my memory down the isle
& give me away
with a dowry of apologies
& a head nod
as we move in the opposite direction
i’ll only look back to make sure
i’m going the right way.