claire can't see me.

a mom who is cooler in words than in life.

poem for strangers: for f

we’re strangers now
but once before
we knew each other by other names
more familiar in our former skins
covered in anxiety and acne
back then
break ups/downs/& throughs
seemed less heavy for slumped shoulders
to handle in pairs
we were always together
attached by sob stories of missing fathers who lived arund the corner
of our mother’s gossiping lips
we couldn’t help but fall into a friendship
our uncoordinated knees had us stumbling upon
the greatest adventures of boredom & laughter
we, unrealized beauties
scented in giggles
adorned in secrets
we sough each other for reflection
no longer relying on mirrors
to speak of our glory
in pig latin
we pinky promised our escape plans
would include each other…

but, that was a long time ago
& that magic of us has been reversed.
we’re strangers again now.


it’s not even close to good…but craptastical is a part of the process, remember that.

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  trE wrote @

it’s a start and isn’t bad at all… reminiscent poems carry the most emotion to me, always poignant.

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