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Archive for June 12, 2009

to you 19 folk…

…that stopped through today, i have three things to say to ya’ll.

1. hi
2. thanks
3. enjoy the show

so, yeah. i still haven’t found 2 hours of time to enable me to watch part one of che. i’m hoping that somewhere between the office & the staircase i’ll find enough spare time to buy me a few minutes of that movie. come on, del toro! how could that dvd exist in this house without me watching it? & it’s been here for about four days already. i’m slipping.

in other shocking news, i cut the grass today. well technically, i cut one section of the grass (he started & finished the rest) but i did accumulate enough sweat to give myself some lawn care credit. so yeah, go me. mind you, this is only shocking to folks who know that i HATE sweating. not just my sweat, i hate all ya’ll sweat too. & spit. & snot. & whatever else that comes in liquid form from bodies. i have somehow managed to get through raising three babies past the diaper phase without puking on any of them. this is a proud accomplish in this household. so when i mention that i was sweating, you’re supposed to ohhh & awww over my triumphant victory over self.

somehow, i sense you are not ohhhing & awwing as needed….so we’ll move forward.

took the baby ladies to the museum today & then walked around downtown in search of ice cream (which we found!). then we made our way over the park, where the girls started climbing up this rocky cliff thing & i was taking pictures, until….

amiia: mommy, what does clem-bah mean?
me: i don’t think it means anything.
amiia: then why does that sign say “don’t clem-bah the rocks”
me: girls, get down.
me: & the word is climb, miia, the b is silent.

well folks, that’s my time.

i’ll be here all week. ¬†ūüôā

i need twabble…

…not twitter.

i am way too wordy for tweets. i lack the cleverness that it takes to capture attention in 5 sentences. give me a paragraph to explain my day, situation, feeling, &/or moment. i tend to have to work through my redundancy. i have to do this ¬†in an effort to reach a conclusion that i generally don’t have before starting my first sentence. give me space to fumble over thoughts, as¬†incoherent as them seem. i need useless details. i need to restate the same notion in three different ways.

here’s my last few tweets:

thank you universe that my little people managed to clean their rooms semi-on their own. about 17 hours ago from web.

thank you universe for this good start. slow rise, breakfast ready w/o complaining, green day playing, coffee hot. for this i am thkful. 8:52 AM Jun 11th from TwitterFon 

thank you universe that i am here in this skin, in these thoughts, in this family, in this life.4:15 PM Jun 10th from TwitterFon

 thank you universe because today i made it all the way to my destination before finding my flat tire.4:14 PM Jun 10th from TwitterFon

i’ve been in a grateful mood. but anyone outside of me….do you really want to hear about how awesome your friend’s life is feeling? seriously. i would probably unfollow me. haha. BUT if given the space needed to capture all of my whirlwind thoughts…i would probably make it from grateful to hateful because that’s just how i do.

speaking of twitter, i don’t want to follow my favorite celebs. it completely ruins all industry-made dreams in my head. i like to think of john mayer as a sensitive guy, shy & humble.¬† too late to turn back now. a room for squares is just a cd now. not an ode to me. just a cd by some dude who’s wears his intelligence like kayne wears his clothes. unappealing.

now i’m following my favorite writers (not favorite favorite, but folks¬†who authored some books i have)¬†& marvel at how uninspired their daily speak is…they’re just like me! woohoo.

well folks, that’s my time. ¬†

follow me on twitter, if you dare.

six quick thoughts…

…before i head out the door.

1. tooth paste on pimples does nothing.
2. everything¬†they’re selling on infomercials…i feel i need.
3. living in the suburbs makes me scared to sleep with my bedroom door closed.
4. shit! i forgot to cancel my mom’s doctor’s appt.
5. amel’s brownies were delicious & not an eggshell in sight (or chew)
6. my kids no longer have baby breath…it’s full grown “backupfrommyfaceYO” breath now. & that makes me a little sad.

good mornin.