claire can't see me.

a mom who is cooler in words than in life.

because i do.

you can’t tell me differently. i just know that i am married to the greatest person ever born. its nearly been 10 years & still the sound of his keys in the door send butterflies racing through my entire nervous system. he is it. the reason for kisses. & i’m sure this is just the poet in me that feels this but, but i just know that i was born to love him. a tarrot card reader told me that i married my soulmate.

but, does he get on my damn nerves? of course!

i’ve gotten into a lot of discussions about love with married friends. & being that i tend to be the youngest in my group, i’m always seen as niave for feeling this way. i told one person that i loved him more than i loved myself because i had full confidence that he was doing the same. her smirk was so telling. in that moment she wished me failure just to prove her bitterness was relevant. & i don’t mean bitter in an evil way. but in a way that you want to know the technique behind the magic to reassure yourself that magic is not real. because if magic was real, it would unravel that which you’ve come to know, believe, & live your life according to.

i’m just saying….i like the youth of my love. when the world is too realistic & the people are all too logical…i can come home to my fairytale. my magic.

i’m not looking for smoke & mirrors. just enjoying the show.


  noelle123 wrote @

Thanks for sharing about your relationship! It’s inspiring to see couples that are still happy when all the news in the world is about divorce and unhappiness. You know I read a great book that helped me evaluate my relationship with my man and rediscover the prince that I married. There’s even a cool, easy contest that goes with it, you should check it out so you can win a vacation with your man!

  trEmaine wrote @

You guys are still on my “favorite married couples” list b/c one can see and feel the love when one is around you guys… It’s cosmic, definitely a beautiful thing. Definitely.

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