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i’ll yoke a kid if i have to…

we’ve been preparing for the first day of school all summer. practicing our teachers’ names, brushing up on studies, and, most importantly, learning how to be awesome without apologies or approval needed  from peers.

yesterday the drill was over, first day back to school was in full effect. both of the girls were excited to wear their new clothes & cool kicks. we did their hair in “big kid” styles with roller set curls. they were ready to take over.

this confidence disappeared for miia when she walked in her classroom & discovered that her first grade enemy was not only in her class but SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HER. i saw her hesitate before she took her seat. i saw her coolness crumble. so what did momma bear do…..? walked up to the girl & told her “you better be nice to my kid”. was that the grown up thing to do? probably not. & i hope she does go tell her raggedy mother so i can have a face to face conversation with her about her grown ass child picking on kids at school.

what mattered to me the most was amiia’s face when i said that to her “bully”. she gathered herself, strengthen her spine, & took her seat like a champ.  her end the day report was good. she said the girl left her alone the whole time.

she better had!

amel had a great day, despite a minor incident of getting left in the class bathroom while the teacher & students left the room to tour the school. my child was left to wander the hall looking for her class. i would have been upset, except this kid has been walking these same halls for 3 years already. she knows every-which-a-way to go to get around. she chose to play lost. never underestimate the middle child.

in mommy news…i’m having guilty pleasures at home. i’m closing the blinds and watching horrible chick-flicks that i rented from redbox. ie twilight, 17 again, he’s just not in to you….

don’t tell anyone.  or i’ll yoke you up too.