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for amel: 02/20/03


some kids are easy
quiet, timid, & vulnerable
but that’s too simple of a role for you to fall into
and so you were born
feet first
eyes wide open
& howling
bursting our expectations that you’d fit
into your sister’s baby shoes waiting for you
no second time around expertise applied now
no hand-me-down lullabies would be accepted
this time
we would have to fight for silence
struggle against your strength for a full night’s sleep
until you decided, for us, that thumb sucking was going to beat out the pacifier dilemma
& no one understands the honor of winning that battle
better than you
no one will ever be
able to tame your talents for tenacity
no teacher or time out or tattle tell
will force you into submission
your little life without apologies is tiresome on some days
but most times
when I watch you strut through a sea of frightened first graders
when I see your head up & eyes forward
when I watch you force apart crowds
to run into my arms
I smile because
some kids are easy, but mine is perfect.