claire can't see me.

a mom who is cooler in words than in life.

six thoughts: pathetic update

1. i told a lady at zaxby’s that i thought her her smile was pretty and she said “you’rs too” without truly looking at mine. why do people do that? accept my compliment & don’t degrade it with a half ass one.

2. gentlemen start your engines..and may the best woman win! (my very secret trash television obession. that & 16 and pregnant)

3. no one is happier than i am about united states of tara being back on. toni colette and i share a bond. we’re horrible conversationalists. give me a script & let me pretend to be someone witty…don’t ask me questions or you’ll be sorely disappointed in how lame i actually am.

4. i need a top hat and velvet coat for the tea party i’m throwing. do you have one?

5. i love youtube. but i’d love it even more if it was my idea.

6. I guess I never posted this. It’s old as molasses now, but its an update. 🙂

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