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a mom who is cooler in words than in life.

6 thoughts about snow

1. I thought I liked snow, and I think I
still might. It’s snow days that I loathe.

2. Miia thinks we have the best snowman on the block because he has a mohawk.

3. I have lost 7lbs since New Years, but this “blizzard” is fking with my work out schedule.

4. Who needs ice cream in freezing weather? Anthony. We risked life & limb on black ice for a pint.

5. If you tell anyone that I bought Kanye’s album I’ll bury you under an avalanche.

6. Dead birds falling out the sky, dead fish washing a shore, and snow in Alabama? Yep, Babylon is a fallin.

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  trE wrote @

I’m saddened to say that I too, eat ice cream year round, especially in the winter months… As much as I love winter, I’m ready for it to be gone… ASAP…

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