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six quick “i guess i should update this” thoughts before midnight.

1.  amiia asked me what “fly like a g6” meant.

2. i adore that my kids are so clueless to “popular music”.

3. avery started kindergarten. day 1-3 were good, day 4 was not so good, and day 5 we started to act like our momma is crazy & ended the week on a good note.

4. i really should be taking a sleeping pill & trying to sleep through the entire night without waking up to add something to my to do list on my iphone in the dark.

5. that is an incredibly long sentence…that’s how i know its grammatically incorrect.

6. green curry. what a yummy thought.

7. (the jewel) so, if you know someone that is constantly criticizing the things you do, don’t reevaluate your life, just reevaluate keep THEM in your life.

& with that i bid you adieu.