claire can't see me.

a mom who is cooler in words than in life.

Aulelei is..

  • a mother of three
  • a wife to one
  • the owner of a cat named “cat”
  • the oldest college student  in the class
  • (not really, but it feels like it)
  • horribly indecisive
  • a bad grammar bandit
  • almost thirty
  • almost happy
  • always searching for her purpose
  • also wearing a black hat covered with lint
  • the last person you should ask for her opinion
  • an “ex-poet”
  • afraid of losing her iphone & of public bathrooms
  • deathly afraid that her iphone will fall in the toilet in a public bathroom
  • a lover of lists
  • much more unorganized than she’d like to admit
  • funnier in words & on paper than in person
  • pretty awesome



  Sherisa of L’élephant Rose wrote @

comment. now you have one.

  Raina wrote @

pretty awesome indeed, now please update!

  trE wrote @


  Craig Dudley wrote @

I am looking for a place to buy your book, but I am not having much luck. Anywhere that I can get it?

  unhuxtable wrote @

hey craig. for right now the book is on the “shelf”. my last batch sold out & i just haven’t had the energy or time to do a third run. but one day…perhaps…

thanks for inquiring though.

  kyana wrote @

officially my new obsession.

  Vik wrote @

Love it and you, Lei-lady!

  Shah wrote @

Just so you know … I need another copy of your book too … just so you know there is a demand for the next printing …

  Jacqueline wrote @

I found you! Finally.

I have her book….it’s lovely.

  Jacqueline wrote @

Please tell me your fb name…i’ve been looking for you for ages.

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