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six quick “i guess i should update this” thoughts before midnight.

1.  amiia asked me what “fly like a g6” meant.

2. i adore that my kids are so clueless to “popular music”.

3. avery started kindergarten. day 1-3 were good, day 4 was not so good, and day 5 we started to act like our momma is crazy & ended the week on a good note.

4. i really should be taking a sleeping pill & trying to sleep through the entire night without waking up to add something to my to do list on my iphone in the dark.

5. that is an incredibly long sentence…that’s how i know its grammatically incorrect.

6. green curry. what a yummy thought.

7. (the jewel) so, if you know someone that is constantly criticizing the things you do, don’t reevaluate your life, just reevaluate keep THEM in your life.

& with that i bid you adieu.

six thoughts: live from the cubicle.

These thoughts were inspired by the six things currently on my desk.

1. Coffee mug: Contingo mugs rock so hard. You can turn them upside, sideways, hap hazardly place them in your purse filled to the brim with cranberry juice and NEVER worry about a single spill. Its cool to have that much faith in something.

2. Badge: I was so proud to finally have a job (although hindsight is 20/20) that in my badge picture i look smug as hell. Like “Yeah, you better had given me this job!”

3. Car Keys: To my BRAND NEW (well new to me) CAR! Okay, I’m not even a hard pressed brand bougie type of girl, but I tell you what…I loveth my almost (barely) new Lexus. Ant took a flight to ATL to get it and drove it home throughout the night. I love him & I love that car almost equally (not really).

4, Ruler: Yesterday I had to input like 500 lines of data and this piece of shit ruler did nothing but hold me back. Its clear with a highlighting strip in the middle…and well…it doesnt work. This was a useless piece of information, I know. And now at #4 I’m thinking…maybe this whole 6 things on my desk is kinda lame. I thought I could turn it into something poetic. So far it looks like I’m running low on inspiration. But, in the spirit of finishing what I start….let’s move on to #5.

5. Purple Sparkly Stapler: We were in Marhsalls and Amel picked it out for me in. She’s such a girly girl. All dresses, pink, fou fou, and tiaras for that girl. Its completely not my style, but whenever I see it I think of her & I’m glad that she’s mine.

6.  iPhone: Just got a text for my girl saying that she’s coming to the APB Dirty 30 in New Orleans in November. APB stands for Aplha Phi Booty, a joke that started ages ago on the campus of Northeastern University. 12 years later & we’re still friends. Special shout out to: Dirty Jers, Patty Rice,  Prof Benton BA-MA-PhD!, Cat Eyes, Brooklyn’s Finest, Dr Ozi, and me–>Squeaktastic.

*7.  (Bonus) Paper clip: When times get rough on the job. Find yourself a paperclip and see how many things you can fashion from that simple piece of wire. Thus far I’m made hearts, S, Z, a square, I’m spelled my name, swirlly thing…… Just a tid bit to help you stay awaye & alert & keep that creative fire alive & well in the cube.


six quick thoughts before bed.

1. while flipping through channels i stumbed upon a whole 3 minutes of the discovery health about a woman who had a constant snot drip from only one nostril. as i sit here typing this guess what has happened to me….the plumbing has gone bad in ONE of my nostrils as well. i wish i would have seen the cause of her/my aliment. now i’m wondering if i have nostril cancer or a brain tumor or ragu flu (it was spaghetti night).

2. remember that recall of nestle cookie dough? well, two weeks ago i bought the kids some of those mini thingies to bake with the nanny while i’m at work. of course, this was before the news flash. since no one has fainted or thrown up, i can safely assume that my children’s iron stomachs have digested any e coli safely, right?

3. i’m using my shirt to wipe my nose. the tissue is all the way in the family room & i’m in the office. just too many steps for me right now. remember i am possibly suffering symptoms of ragu flu.  i must conserve energy. don’t you judge me!

4. we rushed through dinner to try & go get the puppy but someone else beat us to it. i told anthony that he failed me. he shrugged his shoulders. i’m finding it hard to like him right now.

5. my iphone crashed on me. i think anything that cost over $100 should last a lifetime. (it works again, but its completely empty of contacts or apps)

6. the birthday sex dude looks like montel jordan’s son. as much as i cringe at the thought of the lyrics, i can’t help but sing “girl you know i i i, girl you know i i i”. my mouth & mind betray me often.

six quick thoughts…from bed.

1. those little white balls of gross you cough up are called tonsil stones or tonsilolith.
2. someone threw a chainsaw through someone’s window on my block a few days ago. hunh?
3. raw tomatos taste like trash.
4. i can’t eat white sauces from resturants in confidence, i always imagine someone jerking off into it. (blame that on the burger king rumor from 1990)
5. i really do hate teenagers.
6. i know all the words to a posion clan song & that fact cracks me up.