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call the law..

as previously discussed, the girls were three minutes late to school today. & of course it was raining & i just had a touch up on tuesday, so going out in the universe juice was not on my immediate agenda today. & OF double COURSE there were no parking spaces in the front where its covered. so we all have the schlep across puddles to get to the front door.

but the cherry on top of my crap cupcake is that when i walk amiia to class her teacher proceeds to tell me that my excessive tardies have caused my child to get flagged by the front office lady. she has been advised to notify the department of such&such & tattle tell.


apparently coming in two minutes late is a serious sign of neglect. they’ll be sending some masked superhero to come and rescue my poor abused children from the clutches of my trifling hands. i guess i should just skip a hot breakfast in the morning & ignore the crust in their eyes & not even bother trying to brush both of their heads of hair. what was i thinking? that’s not love.

i just kind of shrugged and told her i’ll stop feeding them so we can get our priorities together.

i’m going to sue iphone. it’s ruining my academic career and my life as a whole. i can’t function without seeing its sleek black body & shiny silver trim in my peripheral vision. i start to shake. i think i’ve got a good chance here. what is it about these little machine? over christmas break my little cousin stole it mistakenly took it home in her bag. i ran through my grandma’s house telling every to run them pockets. eventually it was recovered & no one was hurt.

speaking of which…its ringing. please hold.

it was my mom. which is a whole ‘nother subject. &, because i think my blood pressure just stabilized, we won’t delve into that at this particular moment. lets just put a post-it-note here & remember to come back to it later on.

shall we?